You Belong Here

Jane Austen once said: “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us. It is what we do.”

Could this have compelled Aristotle, Da Vinci or Beethoven?

Certainly, Einstein and Mother Teresa were no bystanders.

History’s noblest thinkers, achievers and scientists have distinguished themselves as doers, not onlookers.


Welcome to Montgomery & Miller Academy and Primary.

Montgomery & Miller is first and foremost an institution of academic learning. However, students and families are attracted here because we also invest in the idea of experiential learning where the academic is integrated with the practical.

That’s why we say

Choose to be extraordinary! .

There’s a growth-mindset at our academy, so while our schools’ growth is impressive, the true relevance is how Montgomery and Miller Academy creates an innovative learning environment that fosters the academic, entrepreneurial and individual spirit, minds, hearts and souls of our students. We also know that future generations will not be competing on a local platform but rather a global stage and it will be a demanding and rigorous world into which each individual graduate will step.

It is our duty to see that you are prepared! .

Montgomery and Miller Academy offers you the opportunity to receive an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring, competent and engaged faculty and staff.

Take a look at the campus grounds.

Montgomery and Miller Academy prides itself in giving our students a holistic and experiential learning-based education and making sure learning extends beyond the traditional classroom.

This is a school that believes in your dreams!

This is a school that believes that your best days are ahead and that the leaders of tomorrow, in this case, YOU will propel our nation and world forward.

This is a school that believes in the art of the possible and that You Can Do It!

This is a school that believes you have a duty to serve others, that you must be involved in your community, that you must serve your world, you must develop yourself and evolve your persona from the inside out.

This is a school that believes that you have been created to make important things happen in your life and the lives of others.


This is Montgomery & Miller Academy

We believe in YOU!

Choose To Be Extraordinary

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