Life Skills and Values

Many private schools focus exclusively on the academics of their students and, while we are committed to academic achievement, at Montgomery & Miller we also understand that it is crucial that our students learn valuable life skills and core values in order to achieve their individual goals.

The Individual Approach

Montgomery & Miller views each student as an individual with their own goals, strengths and challenges. What is required for a student to become an engineer isn't the same as what is required to become a doctor. As such it is our goal to see that each learner has the correct tools, not just academically, but also as an individual to succeed in their chosen goals.

For those who wish to focus on academically rigorous tertiary education, we may assist with extra lessons, after-school study time and even the development of study techniques. These interventions are designed help students get admission into, and succeed in, their chosen fields long after graduating from Montgomery & Miller Academy. We strive to teach our students soft skills that they will never forget.

We try to foster a love for learning in individual learners through exposure to relevant source material and learning experiences.

For those wanting to focus their futures on more esoteric skills or social-based careers, the school encourages a strong academic foothold for such while simultaneously searching for ways to encourage, grow and inspire the aspects of individual students’ personalities that will be most beneficial for such careers.

While Montgomery and Miller Academy can assist students to achieve their individual goals, success is not  guaranteed. Achievement requires the combined willpower and commitment of students, their parents and our teaching staff to help a ensure that their  goals and aspirations are achieved. We encourage parents to work with the school and their children to realise these goals and likewise encourage students to be the driving force behind the attainment of such goals. As Colin Powell said:

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. "

Life Skills

While most life skills are imparted to children by their parents, we believe that it is also an important element of schooling to impart relevant skills to our students  to help them achieve later in life. Such skills might include leadership roles as promoted through our class leaders, or perhaps an entrepreneurial eye for market gaps as promoted by class discussion of business affairs and entrepreneurship days.

Many schools focus heavily on just getting through a syllabus without much regard for the life skills teaching opportunities made available through the topics presented in such a syllabus. At Montgomery & Miller Academy we try to take advantage of all these opportunities and often incorporate practical elements to course material which is then tied into our experiential learning teaching practices.

Importantly, we want to encourage basic human interaction and etiquette skills. Too often these skills, while taught correctly by parents and schools, are not enforced or encouraged enough. It is our goal to be an aid or assistance to parents in this regard. Manners, etiquette and respect-based social skills are fostered in our school . This, we find, helps students achieve far more readily in their futures as respect for the self and others translates into professional and rewarding interactions. After all a smile and polite elegance goes a long way to fostering working adult relationships.

Core Values

Montgomery and Miller Academy was founded by Ms C. Baumann with some very clear core values in mind to help shape and guide the learns of tomorrow through the turbulent and often, non-linear modern world.

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