Days to Remember

Students at Montgomery and Miller Academy get to experience many different facets of learning beyond the purely academic environment of a school. The Academy would like to share just some of the great experiences that you may have when you join us as a student.

Matric Dance and 40 days

It is a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate the end of your school life. It is a celebration with peers, friends and staff; of all that you have come to learn and achieve while being a student at Montgomery and Miller Academy.

The annual Matric Dance event is hosted off campus at a variety of possible locations in the beautiful winelands area. Fantastic food, company and lavish outfits are the hallmark of the evening. It is truly something that is better described with images than with words.

The concept of 40 days marks out the end of your Matric period, before sitting down to write your final exams. Traditionally this period includes a few pranks, laughter and remembrance of all that has brought you to this point. When walking these last 40 days as a student at the end of your schooling journey, we hope that you will remember and take to heart, all the life lessons, academic teachings, friendships made, and challenges overcome.

Entrepreneurship Day

As you enter into adult life, it will become apparent quickly that a Job is not the sole method of supporting yourself. Indeed, the goal of this day is to teach the basic skills of developing a marketable product and brand while proving that business can be both fun and hard work. The day is often a wonderful culmination of creative talents, cooking skills, interesting projects and activities. 

Random Acts of Kindness Days

On these days we prepare to show an unexpected element of kindness over and above the typical expectation we have of our students. You may see it as an out-of-season, more holistic version of a secret Santa. A student is presented with the opportunity to perform an unexpected act of kindness. This goes beyond the act of gift giving and can at times, be geared towards helping alleviate a fellow student’s social or emotional troubles. This day is often cited as one of the most impactful amongst our students, because it triggers a realisation in those who randomly perform acts of kindness that a little care for another person can go a long way to making them happy. 

Mr and Miss Montgomery & Miller Academy

Many students that come to Montgomery and Miller Private School have hidden talents and skills. The purpose of this gala evening event is to give students a chance to strut their stuff and showcase some of their skills. This pageant doesn’t revolve around looks but rather around beauty of each student at the school. Its goal is to give students a chance to share their inner light with their peers while also having an absolute blast. It is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable, silly and memorable nights.

This is just a small sample of what a student might
expect to experience at Montgomery and Miller Academy.

If you would like to learn more then please contact us for further information on school events and activities that will be happening in the upcoming year.

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