Admissions Process

We thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in Montgomery & Miller Academy.

The process of admission to Montgomery & Miller Academy Private School is very simple and easy to do.

Should you wish to rather first book a meeting to meet with the school then please follow the link below:

Otherwise if you would like to fill out an application form for your child then please follow these very simple steps.

Step 1: Complete the New Learner Application Form

The first step to successful admission to Montgomery & Miller Academy is to complete the application form. Please note that it is not critical that all the information be exact, however we ask that you do try an include as much of the information requested as is possible as this will save both yourselves and the school additional administration upon acceptance to the school.

Should you wish to, you may download a PDF copy of the application form which can be handed in or emailed to the school once complete.

Please Note: Only one method admission form submission is needed

Step 2: Supply Supporting Documentation

If you have not attached a copy of your child’s previous report to the application form, then please email the previous year and recent report to or you can provide copies to reception when handing in the application form.

Step 3: Possible Assessment Examination

Depending on the grades submitted on the report the school may contact you to arrange a written assessment examination for you child’s Mathematic and English Language aptitude. Applicants may be exempt from writing such an examination if the most recent report reflects a minimum of 65% for Mathematics and English Home Language or if the overall subject average is 70% or above.

Step 4: Acceptance and Enrolment

Upon successful fulfilment of all enrolment criteria the following documentation will need to be completed and returned to the school via email or at reception. This documentation will be sent to you via email upon successful fulfilment of all enrolment criteria.

  • Terms and Conditions of Entry and Acceptance
  • Code of Conduct
  • Medical Declaration
  • Debit Order Form
  • Subject Choice (Applicable only to grade 10)
  • Woolworths Supporter Card Application
  • Confirmation of Signup or Change in School for My School Card (Nic Include the link and logo here.)

Along with the aforementioned forms; certified copies of the following supporting documents must also be provided.

  • A certified copy of the learner’s unabridged birth certificate, passport or ID
  • A certified copy of the legal guardian’s ID
  • Proof of permanent residency or a valid study visa if the learner is a foreigner
  • Two ID Photographs of the Learner
  • Copies of reports from all occupational therapists, speech therapists and/or psychologists who have assessed the learning (if applicable)

Step 5: Enrolment Fee

In order to confirm enrolment at Montgomery & Miller Academy Private School a non-refundable registration fee is payable by cash or EFT. An invoice will be issued to you upon successful admission and completion of steps one through four.

If you have any questions at any stage in the process please do not hesitate to contact us at or through our contact page. We will gladly assist you in the application process.

Best of Luck!

Montgomery & Miller Academy Admissions Office

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