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Montgomery & Miller Academy offers a school curriculum at the highest academic standard
and promotes the intellectual, social and personal development of our students.

All educators are SACE registered.

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Creating the Achievers of Tomorrow

Our graduates are trained to be problem-solvers and to take calculated risks in a world that is more than ever defined by uncertainty. It is for this reason that our approach prepares learners for “life after school” and emphasises personal development, self-study and career readiness. Learning should not be restricted to a school curriculum but should inspire learning that transcends traditional schooling boundaries. With an individual approach to teaching that complements traditional educational methods with experiential learning, our graduates can unlock their own, personal potential within an ever-changing world.

Creating the Achievers of Tomorrow

Our graduates are trained to be problem-solvers and to take calculated risks in an environment that is more than ever defined by uncertainty. It is for this reason that our approach prepares learners for “life after school”; emphasising personal development; self-study and career readiness. Learning need not be restricted to a school curriculum giving our graduates the desire to learn beyond the boundaries of what a traditional school would provide.

What Makes us Different

What Makes us Different

This is a school that believes in your dreams

Choose To Be Extraordinary

A Note from our Founder

Christina Casey Baumann

Our learners graduate with more than a matric: They graduate fully prepared to take some of the most important decisions in their lives. Today’s careers are often non-linear, but your choice of degree remains a crucial life decision that is often taken without sufficient experience of reflection. 

Educators and staff at Montgomery & Miller Academy work together to prepare learners to take such decisions and – perhaps most importantly – to manage uncertainty and in their personal, academic, and eventually their professional lives. In addition to following the CAPS curriculum, we aim to equip our learners with additional practical skills and build their CVs at the same time. This way they develop – alongside social and interpersonal skills – the most sought-after competencies for tertiary education and the labour market. 

We foster an inclusive, respectfully informal learning environment, in which no learner is left behind. Our team has an open door policy and offers extensive extracurricular guidance whenever required or desired by learners themselves. Individual time can be requested to review concepts encountered in class, or to provide guidance in non-academic matters, depending on the learner’s needs. We believe that students must “take ownership” of their academic work to help them achieve intrinsic motivation. We support this intrinsic motivation by making coursework as engaging as possible, at all times highlighting practical relevance of the material, and its importance for university-level subjects and associated job opportunities. It is our job to find the best way to “make your child want to learn” the concepts needed for a successful start into tertiary education and professional life.


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Open Day – 13 April 2019

Montgomery & Miller Academy invites prospective parents and students to join us for our annual open day. Do you choose to be stand out from the crowd? Montgomery & Miller Academy is first and foremost an institution of academic excellence. …

Montgomery & Miller Academy provides some of your best Days to Remember



Grade 8 Student

“I love Montgomery & Miller Academy because every day I get to come to school and be surrounded by positive students, teachers and mentors. There is a great atmosphere of encouragement and a genuine desire to see us succeed in all aspects of our school life. Most students in other schools don’t much like going to school but I wake up daily looking forward to going to school to learn from great teachers and be surrounded by great friends”


Grade 11 Student

“I was nervous about coming to Montgomery & Miller Academy as it’s a newer smaller school. My nervousness was for nothing though because it was the best decision my parents and I made. The school has really helped me grow academically and as a person.”


Father of Michael, Grade 12

“We enrolled our son in the school and have been very impressed by the one on one attention he has received from the teaching staff. The school attitude towards education and the success of our son has been one of genuine desire to see him succeed and grow. We are very impressed with the school.”


Grade 10 Student

“Academically I enjoy a challenge and Montgomery & Miller really does provide for that challenge. Every day we learn new and valuable skills in class and are encouraged to learn outside of the boundaries of the required school program. I think few other schools offer this level of engagement with our interests outside of the school syllabus. I love it here.”


Father of Hayley, Grade 6

“Picking a good school for your kids is really difficult to do. Thankfully I seem to have made the right choice with Montgomery & Miller Academy. The teachers have really helped my Daughter improve academically and it feels great knowing your child is just loving school.”


Mother of Michiel, Grade 7

“The Western Cape school basin is filled with great private schools to choose from, but I am so glad we chose to send our son to Montgomery & Miller Academy. While it may not have the grand history of some of the larger schools it more than makes up for it with quality of teaching and student learning opportunities. My Son has thrived since going there.”

Admission to our Academy

Montgomery & Miller Academy is a school for all-rounders and for learners who have the potential to show leadership. Learners are required to show a significant amount of grit, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of purpose to engage with what the academy offers.

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